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Trauma: healing the brain

The event was very fascinating. As an interest in Psychology; how the mind and brain works i was particular interested in this event. Learnt great things and will welcome the opportunity to attend more talks!

Fascinating - brilliant speaker.

Excellent presentation, inspiring speaker, convivial ambience.

Concise, informative, engaging and stimulating.

It was very interesting and presented such the I could understand it despite being a layman in this field.

Fantastic event. From start to finish, i was motivated and fascinated and learn new things and met great people. I would definitely recommend others to visit events of friends of imperial college.

Organised and enjoyable.


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Improbable things always happen

A brilliant lecture - showing how to bring PowerPoint back to life!!

Insightful, presented effectively in the time.

A superb lecture - master of his subject!

A fascinating talk - I just wish I could remember more of the talk so that I could impress my friends!

Enjoyable lecture , good speaker , interesting subject !

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Adventures in the Anthropocene

An interesting and broadening evening in stimulating and friendly company!

A topic of great relevance. A collective responsibility which we all share. Immensely complex; we should all seek to do what we can to reduce the impact.

Good to hear from a committed and competent fighter for the cause.

Questions and discussion especially effective.

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Why twins differ: what it means for us

An excellent event with a great atmosphere.

A very entertaining and informative speaker.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Very informative and humorous too.

Excellent. Interesting with new information but presented clearly.

Think these events are a great idea, opening up the college to outsiders and providing opportunity to non-students to experience Imperial and its invited speakers.

Once again, a wonderfully informative and entertaining talk. We are getting the latest in science from the people who are on the cutting edge of research.

Stimulating, highly informative yet accessible, convivial - always a highlight in my calendar.

It flowed well and the main speaker was brilliant.
Ideal for the friend I brought for the first time.

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Stuff Matters: Winner of the Royal Society Winton Prize for Science Books

It was wonderful and really inspiring.

Good, condensed explanation of material science and what it does for us all.
I thought it was a great topic, really thought provoking.


An interesting and amusing talk, mainly about glass and its history and development, by an engaging speaker; don't miss his prize winning book, 'Stuff Matters'!

Interesting, informative, witty and well delivered.

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The solar revolution

I enjoyed this interesting lecture very much.

Interesting and enjoyable.

I did not know what to expect and thought it might be rather rarefied. Instead it was most interesting, discussion afterwards and well delivered by an enthusiast.

Well attended; good food; good conversation.

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Creating Matter from Light lecture

"The lecture really enlightened me. I think I feel heavier...

A stimulating and thought provoking talk.


Very inspiring to see such great advances in Science at Imperial, and the passion and dedication behind it.

High quality, accessible and interesting event.

Really got me thinking about the possibilities of the future and advances in understanding the Quantum State.

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The Random Universe lecture

Excellent - Still searching the web to explain small points that 'went over my head'.

World class speaker and very topical topical - reference Professor Brian Cox's 'Human Universe' TV series.

Very good speaker, engaging, rendered the subject with the minimum of technicality.

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Behind-the-Scenes @ Bletchley Park

An excellent trip - extremely informative and enjoyable.

The guides were very knowledgeable and provided an excellent insight into how the centre worked.

Excellent visit to see Bletchley Park's exploits during WW2, especially the rebuilt Colossus and other pioneering equipment.
We had a superb day. Fascinating to see the codebreaking huts and blocks after reading the books.

Good to see the greatly improved display of Bletchley Park exploits in cryptanalysis during WW2, especially the rebuild of Colossus.

Fascinating, felt part of war effort.

Another interesting, educational and well organised event by FoIC.

A fascinating event combined with the trip to the Museum of Computing.

Good explanations of some tricky ideas, without going into too much detail best left to books such as 'Colossus'.

I had been looking forward to this event for some time and I was not disappointed.

Very good introduction by a charming and witty lady in period costume - despite the weather on the day!

The event certainly provided excellent value for money. It was so much more than an ordinary visit.

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Behind-the-Scenes @ Bletchley Park

Sara and I, both non-scientists, thoroughly enjoyed the Friends of Imperial College Behind-the-Scenes tour of Bletchley Park. We were fascinated by every aspect of the tour, which was well put together and introduced by a selection of highly knowledgable and enthusiastic guides, including John Sanderson who gave an uniquely interesting and stimulating explanation of the EDSAC Replica Project which aims to reconstruct the first practical, general purpose stored programme electronic computer —  and for us to learn how Enigma and Colossus were devised was a breathtaking experience.

Each of my visits to a Friends event has left me full of new knowledge and ideas — with everything explained in language that even I can almost understand.

Bruce Mauleverer, Member of Friends of Imperial College


Annual Summer Party

We very much enjoyed the Summer Party, especially as we had the opportunity of meeting some very interesting people in addition to yourself and the Rector.
I really enjoy my Friends' membership and I thank you and the other organisers for the effort put in.  

Local resident and Member of Friends of Imperial College


Behind-the-Scenes @ Imperial West

It was a pleasure to meet everyone yesterday. Thanks to you and the executive committee for putting on an excellent and informative evening.

Member of Friends of Imperial College


Behind-the-scenes visits to CERN

It was a great trip and many congratulations for such sterling organisation. The work spent on research and arrangements was very much appreciated and made a big difference. The hotel was a real find, I loved the market and Chateau - and as a non-physicist (and non-scientist!) I thought the trip to CERN was amazingly accessible to lay people, especially the afternoon.


I would like to say thank you for the unique opportunity to visit CERN and the CMS provided by the Friends. We enjoyed absolutely every moment of the trip which is certainly one of the main highlights of this year for us.






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The huge amount of planning and preparation that went into the Friends' visit to CERN made it all possible. It was a splendid and memorable trip with a really balanced, full, and inspirational programme. The accommodation was good, Fernay Voltaire is a delightful small French town, the choice of eating places was excellent.

The highlight clearly was the CMS detector with the brilliant and eloquent description given by Austin Ball with such passion. We were honoured to have him as our guide throughout Friday morning.
Thanks again for all your considerable efforts in organising an outstanding trip with such an ambitious and interesting programme.

Guest of Member of Friends of Imperial College

Thank you so much for the absolute privilege of being able to visit such an amazing feat of scientific engineering and collaboration.  It was a real pleasure to visit such a fine city with such a lovely diverse group of like-minded souls.

Alumnus and Member of Friends of Imperial College

We would like to say a huge thank you for all the tremendous work in organising this amazing trip. Although I had known that the CMS detector was going to be the main highlight of the tour I could not believe we would see the real machine until we passed the last set of doors! And that was only one of the many exciting moments we had.

Our hosts were absolutely great in making things flow smoothly and overall the group consisted of wonderful people with some of whom we had very interesting conversations.

I can see there are many new exciting events already scheduled for 2013/2014 and look forward to attending them!

Member of Friends of Imperial College

Thanks for organising a marvellous trip, I am sure I speak for all of us when I say that it was thoroughly enjoyable. The group was really nice, and we had time for chats, combining our knowledge and exchanging ideas and personal stories. CERN in itself was a real revelation, I slightly hesitate to use "unforgettable" as my adjective...  with so many facts I will need to invest in regular revision to retain them.

Jaana Tarma, Member of Friends of Imperial College

Our guide for the CMS was brilliant, exhuberantly enthusiastic and the information just seemed to flow out of him.

I found the group of Friends great to be with and it was good that everyone sat anywhere and talked to anyone, especially for those like myself who had gone on their own.

Jane Wright, Alumnus and Member of Friends of Imperial

Thank you for arranging and leading the fascinating tour of the LHC project. The images that are at the forefront of my mind are the CMS detector and some of the exhibits in the History of Science museum. It is astonishing to see how much progress has been made in the last 150 years. I could imagine rigging up some of the 19th and even early 20th century experiments at home. Perhaps I will have a go at replicating Voltaire's battery. A kitchen table version of the LHC will be quite another matter!

Sean Hackett, Member of Friends of Imperial College

Thank you for all the hard work in putting together the visit to CERN last week. It was utterly fascinating and a real boost to see what the highest the human mind can achieve working in harmony. That bit of physics has everything to do with the world of today!
It is a lesson I will keep with me and it could not have happened without you, thanks!

Alumnus and Member of Friends of Imperial College

How fantastic to see the CMS facility in reality and understand more clearly the scale of this project. Also the generosity of those who took the time to speak to us with such enthusiasm and patience.

Malcolm Ellis, Member of Friends of Imperial College

The close up view of the giant Solenoid, with it’s mouth open, was mind boggling and the tremendous enthusiasm of all our guides for their work was really infectious.

We felt extremely privileged to be able to see and hear about the many amazing achievements along the development of the LHC,  and the many people involved there.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, it was inspirational!

Andy Crieghton, Member of Friends of Imperial College

It was particularly awesome to see the very basic experiments in the Museum of Science, and then relate them, in ones mind at least, to the enormity of our experience at the LHC. It's incredibly that the search for ever smaller sub atomic particles has such a huge influence on our everyday lives.  One day everyone on the planet will be touched in some way by the work of Tejinder Virdeee and his 10,000 colleagues!

Simon Ainley, Member of Friends of Imperial


Behind-the-scenes visit to Aldermaston

Thank you for a most delightful trip to see the newly commissioned Orion. I very much enjoyed it.

Derek Yates, Member of Friends of Imperial College


Behind-the-scenes @ Imperial Centre for Translational and Experimental Medicine

A very big thank you for such a wonderful event last night.  Both my mother and I were fascinated and amazed by the research, the researchers and the machines.  It was an extraordinary insight.

Gayna Pelham, Member of Friends of Imperial College


Exclusive tour of Collider at Science Museum

A most enlightening visit, thank you!

Member of Friends of Imperial College


Behind-the-scenes @ Diamond Light Source, Harwell

I just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's visit to Harwell... it certainly gave me a much better insight into the function of the 'Diamond' and of course the significant advances it's made to research, in such diverse fields from health to food, energy, etc.

I'm sure others would agree with me, as you've suggested, these visits are not only very informative but they put the flesh on the theory presented at the lectures at Imperial.

Local resident and Member of Friends of Imperial

Both my wife and I enjoyed yesterdays visit to Harwell. The guide at Diamond Light was very informative and took us to a lot of places that we might not have expected to see.  Thank you for arranging it.

Member of Friends of Imperial College


General Programme comments

I consider that the Friends of Imperial College committee and the administrator do an outstanding job in organising an interesting, vibrant, inspiring, and relevant programme of events. To attend these events, I travel up from Winchester, and I always feel that the journey and effort is well worth while. Your efforts are much appreciated.

Out-of-town Friend of Imperial College

I wish I was in London - those lectures look great.

Dr Margaret McCartney, Financial Times Medical Columnist


Eleven dimensions of the unifying theory

The presentation was fantastic and we look forward to the next one.

Alumnus and Friend of Imperial College


ECO-cities of China - can they teach us a lesson

It was a terrific evening that Hedd and I greatly enjoyed, made all the more memorable by the eclectic mix in the audience including IC representations extending over 40 years.

Professor David Nethercot, Head of the Department of Civil and Engineering

Many thanks for last night's meeting of Friends. I am not sure which I enjoyed more: the lecture or the stimulating dinner conversation.

Professor Michael Duff, Abdus Salam Professor of Theoretical Physics.


Behind-the-scenes @ St Mary's Paddington

It was a great pleasure to meet you and the other guests, and have the opportunity to talk to you about some of the work that we have been doing here and the history behind the rebuilding of the Save the Baby Unit.

I was deeply touched to read that some of your member had expressed the wish that they would like to buy a 'brick' in our wall. Please, extend to them my very gratefull thanks. I propose to name the 'brick'

Professor Lesley Regan MC FRCOG, Friend of imperial College


Six impossible things before breakfast - the biology of belief

I thought Lewis Wolpert's talk just electric and terrific value for money. His enthusiasm for clarity of thought is coruscatingly infectious.

Simon Calkwell (aka Mr Evil Knievil) Local resident and Friend of Imperial College

Thank you for making me so welcome. It was a great pleasure to meet such interesting people and I was very glad I made the journey. I am looking forward to the next opportunity already.

Sarah Welsh, Alumnus and Friend of Imperial College.


General comments

We very much appreciate all the time and effort which you and other Committee members put into Friendly business. It is thanks to you all that the Friends are doing such great things for the benefit of members and the College - we feel privileged to be members, at such moderate cost, and greatly enjoy it.

Alumnus and Friend of Imperial College

I wish I'd become a Friend years ago!

Local Resident and Friend of Imperial College

The opportunities that Friends of Imperial provide for access to leading-edge thinking are nothing short of exceptional.  The diverse composition of the group who visited CERN are also testament to the openness of this group to the wider world.  Congratulations on both counts!  I am certain that you are inspiring future generations to appreciate science and to take up science and technology careers.

John Evans, Alumnus and Friend of Imperial College

We may have read science or engineering here but we are like amateurs when it comes to understanding what is happening outside our discipline. I find these lectures enthralling and Friends' events allow me to keep up with new science and technology, explained to me in terms that I understand. It allows me to meet a diverse group of people in the place where I went to university, and I would, and have, endorsed membership of the group to anybody.

Alumnus and Friend Of Imperial College

I approach some of the subjects with a certain degree of trepidation, but every time I find there is no need for apprehension. The explanations are always clear and concise. I hope more people take advantage of this gateway into the College.

Renée Medney, p Local Resident and Friend Of Imperial College

Friends' events provide a convivial platform to bring together neighbours, alumni, staff and supporters of the College to hear about leading-edge science, talk about its implications and chat with world-class scientists.

Rod Rhys Jones, Alumnus and Chairman of Friends of Imperial College