About us

Why become a Friend?

Friends of Imperial College London enables the public, alumni, supporters and local people to gain access to the work, activities and facilities of the College. Specifically, Friends will help you to:

  • Learn about the very latest developments in science, engineering, medicine and management ñ in terms that a non-specialist can understand;
  • Appreciate key social, economic and ethical issues surrounding scientific development in the 21st century;
  • Gain privileged access to many of the facilities and programmes that are part of College life including Libraries, Language and IT courses and campus cafÈs and restaurants;
  • Meet and socialise with like-minded people;
  • Support the College through our annual donation to the Student Opportunities Fund.

Who is Friends for?

Friends is open to anyone who wishes to join and is specifically designed for those who would enjoy attending events at the College. Equally, Friends is for people who have an interest in what is going on at Imperial and who wish to be kept in touch through regular updates in print and over the web.

Our Programme of events (see the left side panel) is for the non-scientist and those with a scientific background alike. It is intended for enquiring minds. In other words, you don't need to be a scientist to understand and enjoy them.

Many Friends, whether they are members of the public, local residents, alumni of the College, parents of current students, or benefactors see membership as a highly attractive way of keeping abreast of science and its impact on our lives and society. Others see membership as a means of supporting the life and work of Imperial College. You can join by completing our on-line form.

Last Updated 05-07-15